What is Dual Diagnosis?

When someone is dealing with a substance abuse problem and also dealing with underlying mental health issues, that is dual diagnosis. Of course, this diagnosis needs to be made by a real doctor to be valid. As it usually occurs, addiction issues often stem from unresolved mental health issues and that is just a fact. The good news is there is help available, as this problem has been seen many times before.

Look to the dual diagnosis treatment Rivendell AR services can offer for relief of this issue. If you are dealing with dual diagnosis or you have a loved one who is dealing with it, help is needed right away. In fact, there is no point in waiting once the diagnosis is made. That is the point at which treatment should begin to get a person’s life back on track. You have to see the experts to get help.

dual diagnosis treatment Rivendell AR

Addiction is one issue and mental health problems are another but they can both affect the other in the extreme. That means that one can make the other much worse over time. That is not a good thing. There is still good news. Dual diagnosis is treatable with psychiatric care and counseling for those dealing with it. You can count on a good treatment center to do the right thing.

Ideally, the right treatment center should offer a wide variety of options for care. Usually, medication management will be needed to control the psychiatric issues that are underlying the addiction problem. The same is true the other way around at times but that is something a certified psychiatric care professional will have to determine. The point is to get the help that you or your loved one need.

Make the most of a bad situation and find a good treatment center for dual diagnosis.